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About Us

our background story

Imbilla Centre is a Kwa-Zulu Natal – Durban based registered non-profit organization that has been in existence since the year 2014. Our aim is to provide informative, motivational and supportive programs for the youth living in and around Kwa-Zulu Natal, with our main target being the youth situated in the rural and underdeveloped communities. We aim to promote and encourage music and culture amongst the youth by providing exciting youthful activities and guidance. We have a great team of board members who are learned, experienced and directly active in the organizational programs. We have initiated a programme called the Imbilla Centre mobile which is mainly focused on mentoring the youth using music and art orientated activities.

Youth in school
Youth in classroom


To provide the youth with programs that will encourage them to enhance their education and skills in order to establish an educated, skilled, healthy, employable and informed generation of young people.


Our goal is to empower and develop the youth in rural and underdeveloped communities by running programs that are informative, supportive and courageous. We aim to keep Youth motivated and excited about their future and health by providing them with access to the necessary resources and channels so that they can become well informed and improve their lives.   


With the Imbilla Centre Mobile Project, we have initiated an annually run project that will educate, support and empower the youth living in rural and underdeveloped communities of Kwa-Zulu Natal in order to ensure that they are given a platform and access to all the relevant resources and information that will enable them to become educated, literate and skilled South African citizens who will contribute towards our developing and thriving economy. The programme offers the following:


Introduction to piano and music arrangement will be taught by Mbongiseni Zwane who is a qualified piano teacher and player and is also one of the board members in the organization. This will be a short yet informative introductory activity into music understanding. Learning how to arrange music also falls within the scope of this project and therefore will be included in this topic

  • There will be motivational sessions provided for the youth where they will be encouraged and motivated so that they can remain positive and determined. Professional motivational speakers and professionals within the community who are willing to share their success stories will be invited to address youth.


  • We will run entrepreneurship sessions where learners will be encouraged to look into opportunities of creating employment and they will be taught the basics of running a business, how to register a business, the correct avenues that train and support black businesses, starting and setting up a studio and basic internet presence such as social media.
  • Engineering and mastering music is important because it can be a skill that can be used by the youth to generate a passive income by charging recording fee and becoming an entrepreneur in music. This is a deep topic therefore will take 4 weeks per area visited.

The youth who have composed any music will be assisted in registering their song at SAMRO. SAMRO has also agreed to partner up with Imbilla Centre on the aspect of music copyrights and registration. They have agreed to send one of their agents to the desired location to inform the youth about this topic.

Music and arts are very much linked together and modern and one of the best ways to preserve one’s culture and heritage is through music and dance. We find however that the youth is slowly losing interest in cultural music due to the over exposure of western music and the under exposure of local traditional and cultural music. While we cannot change the media we can however do work on the ground that can slowly change the perception of the youth regarding cultural and traditional music.

This will be done by introducing cultural and traditional music composition lessons as part of our program. This idea has the potential to positively influence the minds of the youth regarding the perception they might have regarding cultural and traditional music which can have the effect of preserving our beautiful cultural and traditional music.

  • HIV/AIDS education plays an important role in its management especially because our country has the highest HIV profile epidemic in the world. It is of vital importance that the youth are educated about the pandemic. The aim of the awareness is to increase awareness amongst the youth so that they know its true impact, availability of support systems and management. We aim to encourage testing and lifestyle changes that will play a role in preventing and reducing further infection.

The programme will include: World statistics, national statistics, what are HIV/AIDS, symptoms of infection, stages of infection, factors influencing disease progression, main types of HIV transmission in S.A, ways of preventing transmission, male and female condoms, dynamics of HIV testing, legal and ethical issues, STIs, positive living and H.I.V medicines.